Please join Gilda Morina Syverson as she explores legacy through
her memoir My Father’s Daughter, From Rome to Sicily
East City Bookshop
645 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Washington, D.C.
In this Novello LiteraryAward Finalist, we are captivated by the passionate adventure of My Father’s Daughter, From Rome to Sicily by Gilda Morina Syverson. Our author travels with her Italian-born father, Italian-American mother and very-American husband among ancient sites of Rome, south to Sicily through landscapes of a picturesque countryside, seaside villages and her family’s ancestral roots. This travel trilogy, which began as one of Amazon’s Hot New Releases in Sicily Travel Guides, is also about relationships, family, love, mystery and ancestry. With joy, angst, humor, and a quest to unearth a heritage, the journey of a lifetime is about to begin.

“At age 50, Gilda Morina Syverson knows it is time to transform her relationship with her father … by healing the rifts that divide them. “My Father’s Daughter”tells the story of that inner transformation that slowly unfolds with discoveries about ancestry, family, culture, and connection to Italy…Syverson’s stories will resonate with millions of Italian American Baby Boomers who grew up influenced by Italy in their most intimate family relationships.”
~ Kirsten Keppel, Ambassador Magazine, NIAF (National Italian American Federation)

“Gilda Morina Syverson’s beautiful memoir, MyFather’s Daughter, From Rome to Sicily, is so rife with Italianate passion and sentiment that I was often spirited away – not just to Rome and Sicily, but to my parents’ kitchen, and the precincts of my past I most cherish… This book risks everything: its humanity, its courage, its sheer unbridled candor, the moving sweep of its poetic language and its refusal to turn away from the breathtaking mystery of love and ancestry. Bravissimo!”
~ Joseph Bathanti, North Carolina Poet Laureate, 2012-2014
“Travel south from Rome with Gilda Morina Syverson. Let her show you her ancestral land through the eyes of her closest ancestors, her parents, who travel with her and her husband. It’s a trip well worth taking… vividly observed, richly detailed, gently humorous, and deeply poignant.” The only thing better would be a trip to Italy.”~ William Martin, New York Times Bestselling Author of Cape Cod and The Lincoln Letter
Gilda Morina Syverson, artist, poet, writer, teacher and speaker, is the author of the memoir My Father’s Daughter: From Rome to Sicily published by Divine Phoenix in conjunction with Pegasus Books. Syverson’s book was a Novello Literary Award Finalist, a Nominee for the Ragan Old North State Award for Nonfiction, and a recent author Nominee for The American Music Guild Award. She is the author of two poetry books, Facing the Dragon and In This Dream Everything Remains Inside. She has taught in the creative arts for over 40 years, including 15 years of memoir writing at Queens University of Charlotte, N.C. Her commentaries have been aired on WFAE, Charlotte’s public radio station.,

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