Deborah Voigt: ©A Bofill.

Wagner’s Tristan and Isolde starring Deborah Voigt


In Wagner’s retelling of the beloved Celtic myth and its star-crossed lovers,Deborah Voigtone of the finest Wagnerian sopranos of our timebrings her alluring portrayal of Isolde to a stunning production featuring dynamic singer Ian Storey as Tristan and an impressive international cast.
The buzz: Voigt’s “golden-toned, full-bodied singing and luminous beauty has made her the opera world’s Isolde of choice.”—The Chicago Sun-Times
The plot: Isolde, a beautiful Irish maiden with magical powers, is riding the high seas to marry her betrothed, the King of Cornwall. But first she must avenge the death of her former fiancé by killing Tristan, a dashing knight and nephew of the king. When the poison she concocts turns out to be a love potion, her vengeful ire and his bold betrayal are suddenly transformed into rapturous, unbridled passion. As the royal wedding approaches, Tristan and Isolde can only find comfort under cover of night. Yet even the darkness cannot hide their desires for long. Performed in German with projected English titles.
Sep. 15–27 | Opera House


The Force of Destiny- Adina Aaron: Cade Martin

Verdi’s The Force of Destiny


From its famed overture to its riveting final moments, Verdi’s notoriously demanding masterpiecenot seen by WNO audiences in nearly 25 yearsbursts with thrilling arias and rousing ensemble passages. WNO Artistic Director Francesca Zambello brings her inventive staging to this new production of The Force of Destiny, featuring an exciting cast of international singers.
The buzz: Francesca Zambello is “known for her psychologically probing interpretations of the operatic repertoire.”—The New Yorker
The plot: Thrust together by the hand of fate, three lives become irreversibly intertwined on a path to ruin. Leonora, the daughter of a Spanish marquis, is ready to leave her homeland behind to run away with Alvaro, an Incan nobleman. When her father is accidentally killed by Alvaro’s gun, the couple is tragically separatedand her brother Carlo vows revenge at any cost.Performed in Italian with projected English titles.
Oct. 12–26 | Opera House



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